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The Importance of X-Rays in Chiropractic

Doctor reading x-rayWhy are X-rays so commonly used by chiropractors? Since 1910, they have been an elemental tool in Chiropractic and that hasn’t changed. Here are some reasons we place so much importance on incorporating x-rays into your treatment plan.

1. X-rays are an important diagnostic tool.

First, an x-ray gives a unique view of the condition and structure of your spine. This allows us to come up with specific recommendations for your care based upon on our findings. Abnormalities within your spinal column can occur unnoticed without ever feeling a thing. For example, you could have an old bone fracture from childhood that you had no idea was there. You could also have a congenital malformation or deviation within your spine that could cause some issues down the road. An x-ray can give very specific insight into these unknown factors and allow us to re-evaluate your care plan, if needed.

An x-ray can also detect other underlying health issues. For instance, we can see things such as cancer, aortic aneurysms, and calcification of arteries. If these are caught in time they can be life-saving.

2. X-rays’ help us see what’s going on with your spine.

Another reason x-rays are used by chiropractors is due to the complexity of your spinal movements. The nature of the spine makes it nearly impossible to analyze your mobility without help from a motion-study x-ray. By taking specific films of your neck and lower back we can see how well the segments are moving together by utilizing a very specific motion study analysis. Motion throughout the entire spinal column is incredibly important to the health and longevity of your spine and nervous system.

With motion-study x-rays, we are able to track progress over time. Documenting your motion-study x-rays will show increased mobility throughout your care with us that may potentially lead to a decrease in symptoms.

3. Structure will dictate function.

The structure of your spine will determine the function throughout your body. Improper structure may lead to improper function. Any deviation in the spinal column will put undue stress and tension throughout the spine and nervous system, which will lead to early onset of aches and pains and other health issues. Some common things we see are forward head posture, loss of curve in the neck, compensatory curves, scoliosis, uneven shoulders and hips, disc degeneration and arthritis to name a few.

“To see is to know and not to see is to guess.”

There are two things that we never gamble with – your health and our reputation.

This low-risk diagnostic tool gives chiropractors an overwhelming advantage to get you well and keep you well long term. The certainty that an x-ray gives is essential to receive the best care possible, which is what we aim to do. We welcome you to book a visit to ADIO Health Chiropractic and receive your individualized care with us.

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