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Meet Dr David Chang

Dr. David ChangDr. David grew up in a holistic-minded family where acupuncture, herbal remedies, and chiropractic care were regularly part of his life. This instilled within him a more natural and holistic approach to wellness. It was not until his senior year of college that Dr. David realized chiropractic would be a major part of his life. While attending Life University, he fell in love with all that chiropractic could offer and how it would enhance anyone’s life. Dr. David strongly believes the philosophy of vitalism-in which all living organisms have the innate power to be self-developing, self-maintaining, and self-healing. He consistently preaches that with chiropractic care and healthy habits, our bodies are able to heal from within and without medications.

When it comes to optimal health, Dr. David always preaches that optimal function in all aspects of the body, mind, and soul is the definition of being in health. He believes the health care people receive should be as unique as they are. Dr. David strives to provide individually tailored chiropractic care because he knows that is the best way to directly optimize the function of the body.

He is passionate about pediatric chiropractic because of his belief that if all kids received chiropractic then they would all get an equal opportunity to grow and develop to their full potential. “Heal” is in the word health and Dr. David’s life mission is to provide the healing art of chiropractic care to as many people as possible and empowering them to take control of their own health.

Education and Devotion

Dr. David was born in South Korea and moved to Chicago at the age of two. He received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from The George Washington University and graduated as Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University. He devoted his time and energy in school by attending multiple technique seminars to deepen his craft, teaching fellow chiropractic students on how to deliver the best adjustment, and serving hundreds of people on chiropractic mission trips to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. He believes that anyone with a spine can benefit from chiropractic care.

When he isn’t adjusting people, he loves swimming, hiking, yoga, cooking, and traveling.

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Have you more faith in a spoonful of medicine than in the power that animates the living world?”
Dr BJ Palmer


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