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Suffering From Peripheral Neuropathy? Get Results Now!

sitting on couch with leg painNon-Invasive and Non-Surgical Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy and Chronic Nerve Discomfort is Available in Boulder, Broomfield and Weld Counties!

No drugs. No surgeries. No injections.


It is common for patients to experience the first symptoms in their extremities (hands, arms, legs and feet) due to damaged nerves.


Poor Blood Flow, Diabetes, Statin Drugs, Chemotherapy, Chronic Inflammation or Infections, Exposure to Environmental Toxins, Autoimmunity, and Degenerative Conditions.


What if there was a solution that may be able to reverse your neuropathy pain without drugs, surgery or injections? The cause is different for every patient and it must be discovered to help the nerves heal!

What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition where nerves have been damaged. The damage to these nerves can be caused by many different problems in the body.
Generally, symptoms of peripheral neuropathy in an effected area may include:

  • Numbness/Tingling
  • Burning Pain
  • Unusual and/or loss of sensations
  • Muscle weakness
  • Deep Stabbing Pain
  • Balance Problems

Another common cause of nerve damage is auto-immunity.

Auto-immune diseases are diseases where the immune system mistakenly starts to attack the body. That’s right! Many times the immune system is actually killing the nerves of peripheral neuropathy sufferers. This is why thorough testing is vitally important to helping peripheral neuropathy.

Can Peripheral Nerves Heal?

Yes! It is well established in the scientific literature that peripheral nerves can and do heal. The key issue is that not only do we need to get the nerves healing but we have to stop whatever is causing the nerve damage in the first place. When the underlying cause of the neuropathy is discovered and proper support for the nerves are provided it optimizes the ability for the nerves to heal!

In order to effectively heal nerve damage, a few factors must be determined:

  • What is the underlying cause of the nerve damage?
  • How severe is the nerve damage?
  • What types of nerve fibers are damaged?

You have sensory nerves (both small fiber nerves and large diameter nerves) and motor nerves (that control movement of your muscles).

How much treatment will the nerves require to heal?

This will be dependent on the degree of nerve damage and what types of fibers are damaged.

The treatment we provide has three main goals:

  1. Optimize the environment within the body for nerve healing.
  2. Increase blood flow to the tissues and nerves.
  3. Stimulate the nerves that are damaged (small fiber, large diameter, or motor nerves) to reduce pain and improve balance.

Our 4-prong approach to our neuropathy treatment protocol has shown a 97% success rate in thousands of patients across the nation.

One of the treatment technologies we use to increase blood flow and repair the nerve is our new Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT). This Infrared Light (890nm) therapy signals Vasoendothelial Growth Factor (VEGF), which causes angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is the creation of new blood vessels, which is needed to repair nerve damage. These blood vessels grow back around the peripheral nerves and provide them with the proper nutrients to heal and repair. This technology has 27 peer-reviewed studies with a 97% success rate with treating peripheral neuropathy.

We use a state-of-the-art nerve re-education device to assist in the growth of the nerves called Nerve Re-Education. This is used by the Cancer Centers of America in order to help those going through Chemotherapy rebuild their nerves. Nerve Re-Education can even be done at home, so therapy can and should be done daily! The results can be immediate in both pain relief and restoration of normal sensation.

Proper nutrition is vital for optimal tissue and nerve repair. Our Advanced Nutritional Therapies have been to designed to accelerate the healing process by affecting the complex processes of inflammation, blood flow, and nitric oxide.

In synergy with your home care, we will make a customized plan of attack for your specific needs. Since there are so many causes of neuropathy, these in-office recommendations may be different for each person. However, each of the above are equally important and vital components for patient results.


Neuropathy Foot DiagramOur treatment works for a wide variety of conditions. If you are suffering with neuropathy, there may be hope! Get relief with no surgery, shots, or addictive and dangerous medications. 100% non-invasive with no side effects.


Do you have chronic neuropathy that you have been told you have to live with?


Do you feel like you have tried everything possible, but haven’t felt any results? Chiropractic care can help.


Have you been told that surgery is your only option? We can eliminate pain and increase mobility, without drugs or surgery.



After treatment, many patients experience:

  • IMPROVED MOOD: Improve your overall health and regain your vitality for life.
  • REDUCED MEDICATIONS: Medication and surgery don’t have to be the answer.
  • ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: Stop wasting time in pain and get your active life back!

We provide a Safe and Effective, New Choice for Neuropathy Sufferers

Our clinic offers a NEW, Non-Invasive and Non-Surgical therapy protocol that combines the best of cutting edge medical treatments to help resolve your neuropathy suffering.

We want to make sure that you have the confidence that you need, so we’ve designed an extensive diagnostic evaluation process to help us find out if you’re a candidate for our program. This extensive evaluation will give you ALL the information that you need to know before starting treatment so you can be assured if you will have success with your neuropathy pain program.

Get Started Today!

ADIO Health Chiropractic is a state-of-the-art health care clinic that treats peripheral neuropathy in Boulder, Colorado.

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