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The Importance of Upper Cervical Spine Care

Construction worker in painBecause the upper cervical area is the most neurologically dense part of the entire spine and the most important area of your body’s spinal column, we adjust it because of the impact it can have on your overall brain and body function.

Greater than 95% of the people we see in the office-no matter what issue they come in with-the true cause of their problem is more likely to be due to an upper cervical subluxation that has manifested itself elsewhere as various symptoms and compensations.

Primary Causes of Subluxation

Whether they’re small traumas or big traumas, repetitive stress may lead to issues in the upper part of the neck. “They can start at birth and we believe that this birth trauma really is one of the most underpublicized issues in healthcare today that is not being addressed,” said Dr. Mike.

“If children start out at 50% they’re not going to become healthy adults. Sick kids turn into sick adults. Kids don’t typically grow out of things; they grow into other chronic health issues,” added Dr. Mike.

Other things that cause issues in the upper cervical area include:

  • Car accidents
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Repetitive stress
  • Sitting at a desk
  • Working at a computer all day
  • Driving

Forward Head Posture & Distortion Patterns

During times of stress, you will typically go into a forward flexion position which causes your head to go way out in front of your shoulders. This puts more stress and tension in the upper part of the neck in addition to adding increased mechanical stress in other regions of the spine. The region of Occiput to C1 has a really big impact on the rest of the body and the spine.

Subluxation creates stress and tension in the nervous system that compromises function and it creates a lot of what we would call distortion patterns throughout the rest of the spine. Different neurological compensations happen that stem from issues that start in the neck. These include the righting reflex and the pelvo-ocular reflex.

A lot of those issues can lead to low back problems. People will come into our practice complaining of low back pain, but it’s a result of what’s happening in the neck. The neck is the cause! The brainstem, which is protected by C1 is like the breaker switch and the communication lifeline from the brain to the body and the communication back from the body to the brain. It’s the main sensory interchange as well, so that’s why this specific area is vitally important.

When We Adjust the Spine, We Change the Brain

At ADIO Health Chiropractic, we like to say that when we adjust the spine we change the brain. By adjusting the spine we have a significant influence on overall brain function; the tone of your nervous system will determine the tone of your life.

Dr. Mike utilizes toggle recoil, which is a technique that’s specific to the upper part of the neck. Other methods he uses include Torque Release Technique (TRT) or MC2. These techniques are heavily focused on the upper part of the neck and use an instrument to adjust for specificity and a gentle correction.

Heal & Function Optimally

When we restore the alignment of the upper part of the neck through gentle, precise and effective adjustments it restores balance to the nervous system, which will then allow your body to heal and function optimally.

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