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Natural Ways to Help Your Child Feel Less Stressed

While anxiety is common among kids there are many things that can help. Find out more!

Kids swingingWith school wrapping up for the year, many kids experience an increase in stress and anxiety. That’s because, even though no school means summer fun, children have uncertainty about what will happen next year.

They’ll have new teachers, new classroom settings, and in many cases, new schools. With many families moving in the summer, some children will have to say goodbye to their friends and think about making new ones.

All of these things can cause fear of the unknown, which causes significant stress and anxiety. Typically these will present themselves as behavioral issues, outbursts, poor attitudes and lowered immune function. Other manifestations may include various allergies and digestive dysfunction.

Here are three terrific ways you can help your child experience less stress and anxiety:

Chiropractic Care

The good news is chiropractic care does a remarkably good job of alleviating stress and tension within the nervous system. Through specific gentle chiropractic adjustments, we can balance a child’s nervous system so their body can adapt to stress at a much higher level.

Staying Busy

Children who are busy get their minds off things that are stressful. There are many ways to keep your child engaged such as summer camps, babysitting, volunteering and just plain socializing. In fact, socializing for both boys and girls is one of the most effective tools for combating stress and anxiety.


As exercise releases those feel-good, stress-relieving endorphins, encourage your children to move more. Whether it’s bike riding, working out with you at the gym or taking the family dog for a walk, exercise can keep the mood high while also lowering stress and anxiety.

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