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Experience a Comfortable and Healthy Pregnancy

Chiropractic provides natural pain relief and helps moms-to-be have an optimal pregnancy. Find out more.

Pregnant mom holding onsieWhile an exciting time of life, pregnancy is also accompanied by significant discomfort for many women. Lots of women experience back pain, hip discomfort and sciatic pain throughout pregnancy. Much of this pain is due to the rapid growth of the baby, as well as interferences to the spine and the entire body’s normal structure.

Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy can relieve and even prevent some of the common discomforts experienced in pregnancy. As taking painkillers isn’t an option, chiropractic care is an excellent and effective way to manage pain.

Specific, Comfortable Adjustments

We use specific adjustments that eliminate the cause of stress in the spine, pelvis and nervous system. If Mom’s healthy, typically Baby’s going to be healthy. At ADIO Health Chiropractic, we utilize the Webster Technique that focuses on restoring the alignment and integrity of the pelvis, which is important for not only providing enough room for the baby to grow and develop during pregnancy, but also allowing proper movement.

May Improve Labor

When labor and delivery kick into gear women under chiropractic care can enjoy faster labor and delivery and likely avoid dystocia (difficult labor). Dystocia can lead to multiple medical interventions, which can be physically or emotionally traumatic for both the mom and her baby.

Such interventions include Pitocin, the use of epidurals, episiotomies, forceps, vacuum extractions and C-sections. Moms will want to do everything possible to avoid these.

Reduces Stress to Mom and Baby

If a mother is feeling stressed or anxious her unborn baby will feel that too. That’s why we want to keep a mom’s stress level very low during pregnancy. When a pregnant woman is feeling free of stress her baby will be in a better position to grow and develop optimally.

The Value of Proactive Care

Our pregnant patients who are under chiropractic care throughout pregnancy (and even before) typically have a smoother pregnancy. Although you can benefit from chiropractic during every trimester of pregnancy, if you start chiropractic early you likely will enjoy a more comfortable and trouble-free pregnancy.

When you take care of the nervous system, the nervous system is going to take care of you because it controls everything in the body.” Dr. Lynch.

Should I Come in After Giving Birth?

Yes! Recovery is much more effective when the spine and pelvis are aligned. Postnatal chiropractic care during the 4th trimester can help you get your body back to its pre-pregnancy state and help you address discomfort related to carrying your baby, car seats and diaper bags, breastfeeding and more.

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